DWA’s Ladies Night Out

Transcript: “Hi! Know what’s up this Saturday?? DWA will host a social event, Ladies Night Out, at Moontower at 7pm! Be there! There will be four awesome raffle prizes for you to win… GRAB YOUR OPPORTUNITY! The purpose of this event is to give us the opportunity to meet many, different ladies and get to know each other as well! The bottom line is to have FUN! Hope to see you there!”

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Deafhood Yoga

Mark this on your calendar, April 10th, if you are interested in attending the day after DWU’s Regional Conference! Deafhood Yoga will be hosting at Texas School for the Deaf from 1-4pm. Do not miss this great opportunity! :)

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.22.54 PM

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Jester King Recap

Thank you for those who came to DWA’s family-friendly event at Jester King last Friday! It was a nice, mellow gathering; we had handcrafted pizza from Stanley’s Farmhouse and enjoyed some craft beer as well! The weather was mildly cool and perfect…. thank goodness for no rain! Whew. Even the children enjoyed exploring and frolicking in the grassy field!  Overall, it was a good evening for everybody!




We asked some ladies to jot down their interests/ideas for DWA’s future events- we are already looking forward to hosting our next event soon! We will keep you posted after our board meeting at the end of this month.

Here’s a quick video of the event at Jester King!

Again, thank you for coming! :)

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Seeking for a new Program Development Chair

We are currently looking for an energetic, passionate, and motivated person to become our Program Development Chair, a very new position recently added to the DWA board.

The Program Development Chair will be responsible for the duties as follows:

  • planning, executing, monitoring and closure of various projects as determined by the Board
  • assisting other Chairs with pre-determined duties set forth in large-scale, long-term projects
  • focusing on youth scholarships (already established, but still new program)
  • forming positive relationships with deaf organizations in our community
  • partnering with deaf agencies/organizations in Austin

In addition, the Program Development Chair, just like all other Chairs and Coordinators, are expected to be actively involved with our open communication and attend all board meetings when called by the Chair, general meetings and events/workshops hosted by DWA.

Please email jerilynwinegard@gmail.com if you are interested, and elaborate why you think you would make a good fit for this position.

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DWA Social Gathering

Transcript: “I want to remind you all about what’s happening this Friday; DWA Board will be hosting a social gathering event at 5pm at Jester King! Hope to see you there!”

We also welcome members and non-members (deaf, hard of hearing, & hearing) to attend & mingle at our family-friendly event! 😃 If you are interested in knowing more about DWA membership, you can read HERE. #dwaustin

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DWU Regional Conference Presenter #4, Rajarajeshwari

Last but not least, we will be having Rajarajeshwari in town to present for our regional conference! Her workshop will be focused on life journey and you still have the opportunity to purchase your ticket here! This will be a great and invaluable learning experience for all of us who will be attending the conference, too!


(Image description: a rectangle photo of a light skinned woman (Rajarajeshwari) with short brown hair; smiling and wearing an orange, thin, fringe/sheer poncho and a white tank top underneath. Posing outside in front of the Golden Gate Bridge with one of her arms reaching out, making a hand sign: upside down F.  A darker shade of pink bar located on top of Rajarajeshwari’s photo stating her name in white colored font “Rajarajeshwari.” A lighter shade of pink side bar on the bottom stating the workshop’s title in white colored font: “Whose journey is it? Yours? Others? Let go of Judgement”and a black bar right below showing two different hashtags in white colored font: #dwaustin #deafwomenunited.)

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