DWU Regional Conference Presenter #1: Malibu

Malibu Hess-Barron is one of our presenters for DWU’s Regional Conference and her workshop will be focused on the concept of wholistic healing. If you are interested to find out more, please register for the conference! LIMITED tickets will be sold. Once we sell out, it will be SOLD OUT- no buts, ifs, etc! Do not miss out on this awesome opportunity!


(Image description: a square photo of a light skinned woman (Malibu) with chin-length brown wavy hair, smiling, and wearing a white tee with a dark colored cardigan. A light pink side bar on the right side stating the workshop’s title in white colored font: “wholistic healing: self, together, and community.” A darker shade of pink bar below Malibu’s photo stating her name in white colored font “Malibu Hess-Barron” and a black bar right below showing two different hashtags in white colored font: #dwaustin #deafwomenunited.)

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Everyone has a story…

A message from our DWA Chair, Jerilyn:

Transcript: “Hello! Everyone has a story…. What’s it about? Aren’t you curious?! Register for the DWU regional conference here at Maggiano’s to find out more! The regional conference event is on April 9th! Hope to see you there!”

Video description: a brown-haired, white lady wearing a black shirt signing the transcript about the regional conference at Maggiano’s restaurant; then a brief shot of the brick building showing the sign of Maggiano’s Little Italy.

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DWA Event on March 4th

You like pizza? (Who doesn’t!?) You like nature? (Oh yeah!) You like to mingle with friends and new people? (Even better!) This place is for YOU! Come and join us at Jester King!

This will be an informal gathering at Jester King; other than mingling, new board members will introduce themselves and ask YOU (the members) what are missing and what would you want things to happen within our organization. In the meantime, you can enjoy some pizza, beer, and outdoor games as well! It’ll be fun!


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DWU Regional Conference Updates

Here are the updates about the upcoming Regional Conference here in Austin!

The registration for DWU Regional Conference will open on February 1st; the price is $55 (Regular) or $45 (Seniors/Students) including breakfast, lunch, workshops, & souvenir.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.03.22 PM
(Reposted flyer from DWU’s website)

Please visit Deaf Women of United’s website for further information and to register for the conference as well! Click on: DWU’s website.

Thank you and hope to see you there at the conference!

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New DWA Board

Congratulations to our new 2016-2018 DWA Board!

Chair: Jerilyn Winegard
Vice-Chair: Jo Bienvenu
Communication Chair: Mei Kennedy
Finance Chair: MarloJo Scroggins
Outreach Chair: Brooke Sipek
Events Chair: Christina Harucki
Program Chair: Vacant

The DWA board will announce the appointment of Outreach Coordinator, Membership Coordinator and Events Coordinator soon. Please join us in welcoming the new board and wishing them continue success.


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New Board Election Key Points

Here are the key points for the DWA’s new board election tomorrow…. SEE YOU TOMORROW!

Untitled from brooke on Vimeo.


“Hi! What’s up for tomorrow? Tomorrow is DWA’s new board election at Deaf Club! I would like to grab this time to explain some key points for the election tomorrow; there will be 7 available positions for you those who are interested in running for. The new board term is 2 year (2016-2018). DWA members could nominate other members and members could also nominate themselves. After final nomination acceptances, we will elaborate on the election process tomorrow during the meeting. You must be an active member in order to vote; if you are not currently a DWA member, it is not too late to sign up during the meeting before the election to receive your voting rights. The membership fee is $20 for two years. This is all I wanted to share for now and we will get into details tomorrow at the meeting. Hope to see you there at 12:30pm tomorrow!”

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Meet the Faces

MEET THE WOMEN OF AUSTIN: DWU Regional Conference planning committee.

We proudly introduce the co-chairs of the regional conference, Stella Egbert and Leslie Hussey; they have been working collaboratively together with the sub-committee members to make this event happen in April! The ladies are very enthusiastic and excited to share more updated information about the conference soon!


Image description: A collage of women around a square message with purple font “Deaf Women of Austin Regional Conference Planning Committee” with DWU logo on the bottom. Image description of each photo, clockwise starting with the left top photo:

Angela Timmer: A selfie photo of a Hispanic woman smiling with black hair with side bangs; wearing her hair in a pony tail, black dangling earrings, wearing a black collared/buttoned shirt.

Heidi Hottle-Jeffery: A selfie photo of a white woman smirking with long, straight brown hair. Wearing dark pink shirt.

Jennifer Campero: A close-up photo of a white woman smiling with medium curly blond hair; wearing a navy blue and white striped blouse.

Leslie Hussey: A close-up photo of a white woman with short, blonde, curly hair above her shoulders; smiling with dark brown rimmed glasses; wearing a dark brown blouse.

Stella Egbert: A close-up photo of a white woman smiling; wearing a dark brown cardigan and medium brown-rimmed glasses.

Malibu Barron: a close up photo of a multiracial light-skinned woman with short, curly, brown hair, smiling and wearing a black short sleeved shirt.

Christina Harucki: A selfie photo of a Greek-Canadian woman with long brown, wavy hair.  Smiling & wearing a tan cardigan with white and tan striped shirt.

Jo Bienvenu: A selfie photo of a white woman with short white hair,wearing thin-rimmed glasses and thin silver hooped earrings with purple, teal, and white plaid shirt.

Kristy White: A selfie photo of a white woman smiling with brown hair in a pony tail, wearing black & white striped shirt and a silver necklace.

Melly Serrano: A close-up photo of a Hispanic woman smiling with medium dark brown hair.  Wearing big silver teardrop-shaped earrings, black -rimmed glasses and a gray with black sleeved shirt.

Mei Kennedy: A close up photo of an American-Asian woman smiling with long, wavy black hair; wearing a plain white long sleeved V-neck shirt.

Susan Sien: A close-up photo of a white woman smiling with short brown hair with glasses. Wearing silver thin hooped earrings, a black shirt with red/pink designs on the front.

Milana Donatich: A selfie photo of a Ukrainian woman with short blond curly hair above shoulders. Wearing a tan & black striped shirt and a long silver necklace.

Jerilyn Winegard: A selfie photo of a white woman smirking with medium curly brown hair; wearing a V-neck black shirt and a long silver necklace.

Jenna King: A close-up photo of a white woman smiling with short light brown hair on shoulders. Small white pearl earrings. Wearing a black shirt with a navy blue quilted vest jacket.

Sarah Ruzicka: A close-up photo of a white woman smiling with dark brown hair in a high, messy bun. Wearing dark gray shirt with silver dangling earrings.

Tara Huber: A close-up photo of a white woman with short brown hair on her shoulders. Wearing a light blue/gray cardigan over a blue collared shirt and a v-neck gray underneath.  Wearing rounded diamond earrings.

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DWA Scholarship Application

The Deaf Women of Austin (DWA) is pleased to offer scholarships from a variety of sources to graduating high school seniors to attend college, training programs, go directly to work or to pursue an interest in attending a leadership camp. These scholarships are available for students who demonstrate strong academic performance, leadership qualities, and involvement in school and community activities.

The deadline to apply is APRIL 5, 2016.

Please click on the application below for further information! Good luck.


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